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Visa Portugal

Portugal - A Land of Cultural World Heritage and Beautiful Beaches

Portugal is a land of significant cultural heritage, with 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the stone castles of Sintra, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, and the ancient city of Evora. Moreover, there are numerous impressive churches, cathedrals, and palaces.

Additionally, Portugal boasts over 800 kilometers of beautiful beaches, offering breathtaking sea views and interesting local cultures.

It's no surprise that millions of tourists visit Portugal each year, drawn to its rich heritage and beauty.

Portugal EMBASSY

Address 26 Charoen Krung 30, Bang Rak Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500, Thailand Open in google maps
Tel. +662 234 2123
Fax. +662 238 4275
E-mail. bangkok@mne.pt, sconsular.bangkok@mne.pt
Business Hours Monday to Friday: 08:30AM - 12:30AM and 1:30PM -4:30PM
Collection -

If you are planning to travel to Portugal for a period not exceeding 90 days, the appropriate type of Portuguese visa for such travel would be to apply for a Schengen visa.

Portugal Visa - The Key to the World Heritage Sites

Portugal is a land of rich cultural heritage, recognized by UNESCO, with 17 sites. Therefore, if you wish to experience the romantic atmosphere of ancient cities, visit magnificent castles, churches, and lush national parks, the first necessary step is obtaining a Schengen Visa.

With this visa, you can open the doors to a romantic adventure in Portugal!

However, the types of Portuguese visas for short-term tourism can be divided into three main categories:

Uniform Schengen Visa for Traveling to Portugal
This visa type is used for tourism and short-term stays in the Schengen area for no more than 90 days within a six-month period.
Limited Territorial Validity Visa
This type of Schengen visa allows travel only to the country that issued the visa. For example, if you obtain a Schengen visa from the Portuguese embassy, you can only travel to and from Portugal.
National Visa for Long-term Stay in Portugal
This type of Schengen visa is for stays in the Schengen area for more than 90 days and is typically issued by the embassy for purposes such as studying or working for an extended period.

Portugal D7 Visa - A New Option for Digital Nomads Looking to Live in Portugal

If you are a digital nomad seeking a new workspace and residence, consider Portugal and the D7 Visa.

The Portugal D7 or Digital Nomad Visa allows you to live and conduct business in Portugal for 1 year without any investment. It’s ideal for independent professionals working online.

Explore how this visa can offer you a sustainable lifestyle in Portugal!

Complete Steps and Required Documents for Applying for a Portugal Visa

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide for Applying for a Portugal Visa in 2024

If you are planning a trip to the land of beautiful castles and golden beaches, we have detailed steps for applying for a Portugal visa.

Step 1
Book flight tickets and accommodation first, as evidence for the application.
Step 2
Fill in the visa application form completely, attach photos and relevant documents.
Step 3
Submit the documents at the TLS Contact center, which allows you to choose appointment times on Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 16:00.
Step 4
Wait approximately 7-15 days for visa processing.

With these steps, you are ready to travel to Portugal! For any queries, contact us 24/7.

During the visa application process, the officials may ask about personal information, travel intentions, and the duration of stay, which should correspond with the information provided in the application form and documents.

The designated center for Portuguese visa applications in Thailand is the TLS Contact center, located at Sathorn City Tower, 12th Floor, South Sathorn Road, No. 175.

Once the embassy has reviewed your information, your passport will be returned to the TLS center, where you can collect it yourself or have someone else collect it on your behalf with the following documents:

  • Application receipt from TLS.
  • The original and a copy of the applicant's national ID.

If someone else is collecting on behalf of the applicant, they must bring a copy of the applicant's ID or passport and their own ID.

Required Documents for a Portugal Visa Application :

The process and documents for a Portugal visa for short-term tourism are similar to those for a Schengen visa. The necessary documents include :

Portugal visa application form.
For Portugal tourist visas, they are grouped into groups. “Schengen Visa” (Schengen Visa)
with at least 3 months validity and at least 2 blank pages. If you have an old passport, bring it as well.
Financial proof
such as a bank statement showing transactions for the last 6 months and salary slips.
Employment or study
Hotel reservation
and flight tickets as proof of travel plans.
Travel itinerary
showing accommodation, transportation, and places to visit, ideally in an Excel file for clarity.
Visa photo
a recent color photo with a white or light background.
Travel insurance policy
covering at least €30,000 or approximately 1,500,000 Thai Baht.
Visa fee
of around €80 or approximately 3,000 Baht.

Is Getting a Portuguese Visa Difficult?

The difficulty of obtaining a Portuguese visa depends on how well you prepare. If you have complete documents and evidence such as flight tickets and accommodation, it increases the chance of visa approval.

Generally, a Portuguese visa is processed within 15 working days. Be sure to prepare well before applying.

Portugal - A Land of Dreams

Portugal, a land of enchanting charm, is a dream destination for travelers. From the ancient streets of Lisbon to the marble castles of Sintra, Portugal's charm is undeniable. It's no wonder tourists flock here every year. Discover the wonders of

Portugal with us!

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In the case of applying for a visit visa Additional documents

The documents required by the inviter for a visitor visa may vary according to the visa issuing country. but generally may include :

  • 1. Invitation Letter Letter written by the inviter This is usually required to include details about the visit. This includes the purpose of the visit, the relationship with the invitee, the length of the visit, and details of the stay (such as accommodation address).
  • 2. Financial evidence : may be income, Income statement (payslips), or bank confirmation letter To show that the inviter has sufficient financial capacity to support the visit.
  • 3. Copies of the inviter's personal documents : such as copies of their passports, ID cards, or documents showing residence status in the visa-issuing country (e.g. visas, work permits, permanent residence cards).
  • 4. Proof of work or education : In some cases, invitees may be required to provide proof of work or education in their country of residence.
  • 5. Proof of residence : such as a home rental contract, proof of home ownership, or utility bills.
  • 6. Travel Insurance : In some cases, proof of travel insurance covering the duration of the visit may be required.
  • 7. Certificate from work : If the inviter is an employee or has his or her own business.
  • 8. Passport size photograph : Sometimes this may be required for invitation documents.
  • 9. Questionnaire : (Only in some Contries)

** Please note that required documents may vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on embassy requirements.
or the consulate where the visa application is made It is recommended to check information from reliable sources
or consult ETHAIVISA for accurate and definitive advice. **

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