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Ethaivisa offers services for processing work visas (Non-B) and work permits in Thailand. We provide services for renewing work visas and work permits, applying for new work permits, and changing existing work permits. We also assist in establishing companies in Thailand for foreigners. Our team is ready to offer sincere advice and services, preparing documents and ensuring everything is correct according to the law. There’s no need for you to waste time doing it yourself or struggle with finding information and preparing documents. We are prepared to take care of every step from the start of the visa application until you receive your visa. With a professional team with over 10 years of experience, you can be assured! You will receive your visa and excellent service from us.

Ethaivisa offers assistance in applying for a Work Permit
and Non-B Visa (Business Visa) in Thailand for 2024.

What are a Work Permit and a Non-B Visa, and how do they differ? Ethaivisa has the answers:
A Work Permit is a document that legally allows foreign nationals to work in Thailand, issued by the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor.
A Non-Immigrant Visa B (Business Visa) is a document that allows foreign nationals to enter Thailand for business or work purposes, issued by Thai embassies, consulates, or immigration offices.

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Steps to apply for a Work Permit and Business Visa.

The steps for first-time application for a business visa
and work permit in Thailand are as follows :

  • 1. Foreign nationals must apply for a Non-B Visa from a Thai embassy : or consulate in the country of residence or from a Thai embassy responsible for that country.
  • 2. If entering Thailand with a tourist visa (TR) or Visa on Arrival (VOA) : an application to change the visa type at the immigration office must be submitted at least 15 days before the current visa expires, otherwise, the visa type cannot be changed.
  • 3. Once the visa is approved : proceed to apply for a Work Permit using form WP.3 with a 1-year validity at the Department of Employment within 30 days.
  • 4. After receiving the Work Permit : proceed to extend the Non-Immigrant Visa B to have a 1-year validity at the immigration office.

Note: If the foreign national has not yet entered Thailand, the employer can apply for the work permit
in advance (using form WP.3) to accompany the Non-B Visa application at Thai embassies or consulates abroad.

The qualifications and conditions for applying for a Work Permit
and Non-B Visa for foreigners in Thailand are as follows :

  • 1. Must be a foreign national : with residence in Thailand or permitted to enter Thailand temporarily with a Non-B Visa / Non-O Visa.
  • 2. Have knowledge and skills : according to the permission requested.
  • 3. Free from specified diseases : such as psychosis, severe communicable diseases, drug addiction, chronic alcoholism, or syphilis in stage 3.
  • 4. No imprisonment for immigration : or foreign labor law violations within 1 year before the Work Permit application.
  • 5. The company must have a paid-up registered capital : of not less than 2 million baht per foreign national (if the foreigner has a Thai spouse registered legally, the required capital can be reduced by half to 1 million baht).
  • 6. The business must need to employ foreign workers.
  • 7. The ratio : (between foreign nationals and Thai employees is 1 to 4. )
  • 8. The company must be registered for VAT : (except for businesses exempt from VAT).
  • 9. The company must submit its latest annual financial statement : to the Department of Business Development.
  • 10. Must have a salary according to the Ministry of Labor's regulations : (varies by nationality).

Minimum wage

Minimum wage rates for foreign labor in Thailand vary by nationality,
ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 baht per month as shown in the following table :
Nationality Minimum Wage (Baht/Month)
Countries in Europe (except Russia) and Australia, Canada, Japan, and the USA 50,000
South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 45,000
Countries in Asia (exclude Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam) 35,000
South America, Eastern Europe, Central America, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, and South Africa 35,000
Countries in Africa (except South Africa), Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam 25,000

Documents required for the application of
a Non-Immigrant Visa B (Business Visa):

  1. Form TM.7 : with a 4x6 cm photo and a fee of 1,900 baht (applicant must appear in person)
  2. A copy of the Passport : with essential information pages and the applicant's signature verifying the copy
  3. Employment certification : for foreign nationals as per form WP.3
  4. A copy of every page : of the Work Permit with the applicant's signature verifying the copy
  5. Company/Partnership registration documents : certified by the registrar within the last 6 months
  6. A copy of the shareholder list : certified by the registrar within the last 6 months
  7. The latest annual financial statement : and related tax documents, e.g., PND.50, SB.3, certified by the relevant agency
  8. A copy of the PND.1 : with the names of Thai and foreign employees applying in the last 3 months, along with receipts
  9. A copy of the applicant's PND.91 : from the last year, along with receipts (if available)
  10. A copy of the Social Security Form SorPorSor.1-10 : from the last 3 months, along with receipts
  11. A copy of the VAT return (PP.30 or PP.36) : for the latest fiscal year of the last 3 months, along with receipts
  12. Documents demonstrating the necessity : of employing foreign workers
  13. A map of the workplace of the applicant : (stamped by the company and signed by an authorized director)
  14. Additional documents or evidence : as required by the agency (form WP.2)
  15. Photos of the establishment : both exterior and interior (stamped by the company and signed by an authorized director on each sheet)
  16. Bring the original documents : mentioned in items 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 for presentation
  17. Family evidence : (if there are dependents), such as a marriage certificate, child's birth certificate, certified by the embassy
  18. Note : Items 8-11 must be certified by the relevant government agency

Documents required for Work Permit application

  1. Form WP.25 : (for first time Work Permit application, must download Form WP.25 and submit case to Department of Employment)
  2. Three 3x4 cm (1 inch) photos : taken not more than 6 months ago (not computer/polaroid prints)
  3. Letter to the provincial governor : explaining the necessity to hire foreign workers; for BOI or Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand promoted companies, explanation letter to provincial governor on why BOI/IEA privileges are not used, with copy of promotion certificate
  4. Employment offer letter : or employment contract
  5. Copy of educational certificates : and work history (for new applications)
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Original passport with copies
  8. Copy of alien registration certificate : and alien identification card with originals.
  9. Notification letter requesting work permit : from Ministry of Labor
  10. Foreigner's Por Ngor Dor 91 tax form : (for extension applications)
  11. Copy of professional practice license : in case the work is a licensed profession

Documents supporting consideration based on type of business/employer

Private company

    Copy of company registration certification : and list of shareholders (not more than 6 months old), or for foreign juristic person show copy of foreign business operation certificate per Foreign Business Act B.E.2542 with evidence of overseas money transfer for operations in Thailand
    Copy of value added tax registration : (Por Por 01 and Por Por 20) indicating type of business, Por Por 09 if changed
    If employer is a foreigner : attach copy of employer's work permit; if employer does not work in Thailand and has no work permit, must have notarization and Thai embassy certification of authorized power of attorney for a director or authorized person to sign on behalf
    If employer operates a business requiring permission : by law or permission letter from related government agency to operate, such as factory operation permission, hotel operation permission, food and drug organization permission, tour guide operation permission, food premises permission etc.
    List of foreign workers with work permit numbers : organization chart and map of business location
    Copy of latest social security payment evidence : and latest income documents - financial statements, Por Ngor Dor 50 or Por Ngor Dor 51 (latest year), Por Por 30
    Photos of workplace : with (1) company signboard (2) front view clearly showing building (3) at least 2 interior workplace photos (if separate sections/departments then should include them too)
    Company map

Private school / private university

    Copy of teacher or instructor appointment letter : with employment contract/private university to show certification letter from Ministry of Education agency specifying foreigner's name, position and employment duration
    Teacher's professional license : (per Teachers and Educational Personnel Council law), except for coaching instructor position or professional practice license waiver
    Copy of school operating license : head master operating license, director operating license/other permits (if any)/private university establishment and authorized signatory appointment orders
    Documents showing education qualifications : transcript, documents showing teaching experience (if any)
    Map of location

Government agency

    Certification letter from government agency : state enterprise, public organization, education service area (for public school teacher position) specifying name, position and employment duration
    For public school teacher show professional teacher's license : (per Teachers and Educational Council law), except coaching instructor position
    Documents showing education qualifications : transcript, documents showing teaching experience (if any)

Foundation or association

    Certification of foundation : or association legal entity status, objectives, with directors list

Foreign film production company

    Certification letter from Tourism Development Bureau : oordinator permit, with list of names-positions and passport numbers of foreigners
    Copy of company registration : and shareholder list (not more than 6 months old)


    Documents in foreign language : other than English must have Thai translation certified for correctness
    All copy documents must be signed to certify as follows :
    • 1. Employer documents : to be signed by authorized signatory person and affix company seal (if available), or authorized power of attorney
    • 2. Foreigner's documents : to be signed by foreigner or authorized power of attorney

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ETHAIVISA offers professional services
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