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EThaivisa provides services for processing China tourist visas, China business visas, China visitor visas, and China travel visas. We are ready to provide advice and services with sincerity. There is no need to spend time doing it yourself, no need to go through the hassle of finding information and preparing documents on your own. We are ready to take care of every step for you, from the beginning of the visa application process until you receive your visa. With a professional team that has more than 10 years of experience, you can be confident! You will receive your visa and excellent service from us.

ETHAIVISA Tourist visa application fee


฿1,990 Baht

  • Free Form filling
    Free Organize / verify documents
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฿4,490 Baht

  • Free Visa Consultation
    Free Form filling
    Free Organize / verify documents
    Free Schedule for interview date
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Hot Premium

฿6,900 Baht

  • Free Visa Consultation
    Free Form filling
    Free Organize / verify documents
    Free Schedule for interview date
    Free Introduction Interview Q&A
    Free Visa outcome follow-up
    Free Photo for Visa
    Free Flight booking for interview
    Free Hotel reservation for interview
    Free Document verification
    Free Visa mailing
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    Free Documents translation
    Free Analyze the case work exclusively
    Free Visa interview preparation course
    Free There are officers available to assist
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        document submission and interview day.

❌ This package not include : Embassy fee & Travel Insurance ❌

Visa China

China - A Journey into History and Culture

China, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, offers an immense experience for travelers. This land of diversity is home to fascinating cultures dating back to ancient times. Traveling in China is not just about experiencing modernity blended with innovation but also an exciting opportunity to delve into China's long history and varied cultures.


Address 57 Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng Subdistrict, Din Daeng District, Bangkok 10400 Open in google maps

Chinese Visa Application Service Center : 5th Floor, Thanapoom Tower, 1550 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Bangkok 10400
Tel. +662 207 5888
Fax. +662 207 5988
E-mail. chinaemb_th@mfa.gov.cn
Business Hours 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (except holidays).
Collection 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (except holidays).
Chinese Visa

China, or the People's Republic of China, is a dream destination for many people, especially for global tourists eager to experience an Asian powerhouse with over 5,000 years of history and civilization. Many wonder if a Chinese visa is necessary for entry and what the application process involves.

Chinese Visa - The Key to a Great Adventure in the Land of the Dragon

The complexity of obtaining a visa can be daunting, but don't let it hinder your journey to your dream destination.

At Ethaivisa, we are ready to assist and facilitate every step of your visa application process, from document preparation, appointment scheduling, application tracking, to visa approval. We understand you might need guidance, so our staff is ready to answer all your queries.

Open the door to an incredible adventure in China with a Chinese visa from us.

Chinese Visa - Your Ticket to a Dreamland

For many, China might be a dream destination, but the visa application process can be intimidating.

At Ethaivisa, we have the solution. Our comprehensive service covers every step of the visa application process, from document preparation, appointment scheduling, to receiving visa approval.

Trust us, a Chinese visa from us will be your ticket to an unforgettable adventure in the land of dragons.

Types of Chinese Visas

Identifying the purpose of your trip is crucial for a Chinese visa application, as it affects the type of visa required. China offers a variety of visa types, which might cause confusion. The main types of Chinese visas are:

Tourist Visa (Type L)
for those wishing to travel.
Business Visa (Type M)
for business and trade purposes.
Visit Visa (Type F)
for attending events or activities.
Family Visit Visa (Type Q1/Q2)
for visiting family members who are Chinese citizens or permanent residents, both for short and long stays.
Family Reunion Visa (Type S1/S2)
for visiting foreigners studying or working in China, both for short and long stays.
Work/Business Visa (Type Z)
for employment in China.
Student Visa (Type X1/X2)
for studying in China, both for short and long courses.
Transit Visa (Type G)
for those passing through China.
Crew Visa (Type C)
for crew members of international transportation.
Talent Visa (Type R)
for individuals with special skills or expertise.
Journalist Visa (Type J1/J2)
for media professionals working in China.
Permanent Residence Visa (Type D)
for those seeking permanent residency in China.

Chinese Visa - Open the Door to Wonders With Our Help

Many find the Chinese visa application process complex, but with proper preparation, it is manageable.

At Ethaivisa, we are ready to assist at every step, from checking documents, advising on embassy queries, to ensuring a successful application.

Trust our professionalism to significantly increase your chances of obtaining a Chinese visa.

Where to Apply for a Chinese Visa

Applicants can apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

  • Address : 1550 Thanapoom Building, 5th Floor, New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
  • Phone : 02-207-5888
  • Business Hours : Monday to Friday, 09:00-15:00.

Chinese Visa - Easier Than You Think, With Our Help

Despite the complexity, the Chinese visa process can be straightforward with the right steps and our assistance.

At Ethaivisa, we offer advice and guidance throughout the application process, from selecting the visa type to preparing documents and responding to embassy inquiries.

Rest assured, with our professional help, your chances of a successful Chinese visa application are greatly increased.

Join us for a memorable Chinese travel experience with a visa from Ethaivisa!

EThaiVisa - Easy Visa Processing

Dreaming of international travel? Let EThaiVisa handle the complexities of your visa application. Fast and reliable service!

Apply now - Ignite your journey!

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In the case of applying for a visit visa Additional documents

The documents required by the inviter for a visitor visa may vary according to the visa issuing country. but generally may include :

  • 1. Invitation Letter Letter written by the inviter This is usually required to include details about the visit. This includes the purpose of the visit, the relationship with the invitee, the length of the visit, and details of the stay (such as accommodation address).
  • 2. Financial evidence : may be income, Income statement (payslips), or bank confirmation letter To show that the inviter has sufficient financial capacity to support the visit.
  • 3. Copies of the inviter's personal documents : such as copies of their passports, ID cards, or documents showing residence status in the visa-issuing country (e.g. visas, work permits, permanent residence cards).
  • 4. Proof of work or education : In some cases, invitees may be required to provide proof of work or education in their country of residence.
  • 5. Proof of residence : such as a home rental contract, proof of home ownership, or utility bills.
  • 6. Travel Insurance : In some cases, proof of travel insurance covering the duration of the visit may be required.
  • 7. Certificate from work : If the inviter is an employee or has his or her own business.
  • 8. Passport size photograph : Sometimes this may be required for invitation documents.
  • 9. Questionnaire : (Only in some Contries)

** Please note that required documents may vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on embassy requirements.
or the consulate where the visa application is made It is recommended to check information from reliable sources
or consult ETHAIVISA for accurate and definitive advice. **

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