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Visa Luxembourg

Luxembourg - A Land of Medieval Castles and Lush Valleys

If you're looking for a small European country with an ancient charm, peacefulness, yet beautiful nature and a long history, Luxembourg is the answer for you.

Just strolling in the capital city, you will experience the atmosphere of old Europe, with beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Important landmarks like "Vianden Castle" will take you back to the glorious Middle Ages, or you can be amazed by contemporary art at the Mudam Museum.

Moreover, the lush nature of the "Mullerthal Valley" offers hiking trails and beautiful scenery, waiting for you to explore and experience.

Overall, Luxembourg is a small country that has everything: history, architecture, art, and beautiful nature. Visit Luxembourg and you are sure to be impressed!

Luxembourg is full of rich history and diverse landscapes, offering many interesting attractions for travelers. Here are 5 compelling places you should visit :

Luxembourg EMBASSY

Address Q House Lumpini, 1 South Sathorn Road กรุงเทพมหานคร 10130 Open in google maps
Tel. +662 677 7360
Fax. -
E-mail. bangkok.amb@mae.etat.lu
Business Hours Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Collection -
Luxembourg - A Dreamland Accessible Through the Visa Gateway

Many might overlook the small country of Luxembourg, but it is a dreamland hiding a wealth of natural and cultural heritage.

Just by wandering in the capital city, the ancient charm reveals itself through churches, palaces, markets, and meticulously crafted architecture.

However, before you can enter this enchanting land, you need to pass through the "Visa Gateway."

Don't worry! At EThaiVisa, we have a team of experts and experienced consultants ready to advise and help you obtain your visa smoothly.

Let's open the door to this dreamland together.

Luxembourg Visa

Luxembourg - A Small Land that Opens Doors to a Vast Kingdom

Many may overlook the small country of Luxembourg, but did you know it's a wonderful land that opens doors to the vast tourism kingdom of Europe?

With just a single Schengen visa for Luxembourg, you can freely travel between Scandinavian countries, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and many more.

So, don't underestimate the potential of this small country. It could be the key to accessing the tourist destinations you've always wanted to visit!

There are 4 types of Luxembourg visas, depending on the purpose of your travel, namely:

  • 1. Luxembourg Airport Transit Visa : (Type A)
  • 2. Luxembourg Transit Visa : (Type B)
  • 3. Luxembourg Short Stay Visa for tourism : not exceeding 90 days (Type C)
  • 4. Luxembourg Long Stay Visa : for more than 90 days (Type D)

Which Luxembourg visa should you apply for tourism?

For travel to Luxembourg (Luxembourg) for tourism purposes, travelers must apply for a “Schengen Type C Visa” or “Short Stay Tourist Schengen Visa for Luxembourg.” This visa type allows tourists to travel in Luxembourg for no more than 90 days within a 180-day period before the visa expires.

The Schengen Type C Visa for Luxembourg can be applied for in 3 types, based on the frequency or number of times you travel in and out of the Schengen countries, as follows :

Single Entry Visa
Schengen visa valid for one use only. Once used and exited the country, it cannot be used again.
Double Entry Visa
Schengen visa valid for two uses. Once exited the Schengen area, you can re-enter again (Re-Entry) within the time before the visa expires.
Multiple Entry Visa
Schengen visa valid for multiple uses until the visa expires.

The Type C Luxembourg visa will be issued to the following individuals:

  • 1. Tourists : (Tourism)
  • 2. Business people : traveling for meetings or seminars not exceeding 90 days (Business Meeting)
  • 3. Educational trips : for students (School trips)
  • 4. Travel for medical purposes : (Medical Controls)
Steps to Apply for a Luxembourg Tourism Visa

The process of applying for a Luxembourg visa is similar to applying for a Schengen visa for other countries, with simple steps: preparing documents, scheduling an appointment at the embassy to submit documents, interviewing, and waiting for the results.

  • 1. Prepare Documents for Luxembourg Visa Application : For a short-stay Luxembourg tourist visa or Schengen Type C visa, travelers must prepare the following documents:
    • Luxembourg Visa Application Form : Download the form and fill in personal information in English, in capital letters. The form includes personal information, travel purpose, travel details, and other basic personal information
    • Passport : Must be valid for at least 3 months and have at least 2 blank pages. Bring a copy of the passport showing the personal information page and old passports (if any).
    • Two Luxembourg Visa Photos : Color photos with a light background (white, light grey, or blue) and size 35×45 mm.
    • Financial Evidence : Bank Statement for the past 3 months (or of the sponsor responsible for travel expenses) and Bank Certification with the bank's stamp and signature.
    • Proof of Flight and Hotel Bookings : To assure the embassy of your travel and return plans, show hotel bookings and flight tickets to Luxembourg, matching the information filled in the visa application form.
    • Travel Itinerary : Detailed travel plans in Luxembourg, including tourist spots, hotel names, and public transportation.
    • Original Employment Certificate : If employed, bring an employment certificate issued by the employer in Thailand, indicating job position, salary, and vacation duration.
    • Travel Insurance Policy : Original and copy. For travel abroad, you must have travel insurance. For Luxembourg, the insurance must cover at least 30,000 euros and be from a company accepted in Europe.
    • Necessary Personal Documents : Such as ID card, house registration, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and name change certificate (if any).
    • For travelers under 18 (minors) : applying for a Luxembourg visa, a travel consent letter from both parents is required, notarized by a lawyer.
  • 2. Schedule an Appointment at the Luxembourg Embassy : After preparing all necessary documents, schedule an appointment at the Luxembourg embassy via two methods:
    • Contact the Luxembourg embassy by phone : to schedule an appointment. Phone: 02-677-7360 (09:00 – 17:00 hrs)
    • Email the Luxembourg embassy : directly to schedule an appointment.
    • Email : bangkok.consulat@mae.etat.lu

    Travelers can schedule an appointment for the Luxembourg visa 3 months in advance or at least 15 days before the trip, as the embassy takes at least 15 working days to process the visa application.

  • 3. Submit Documents at the Luxembourg Embassy : On the appointment day, arrive at the Luxembourg embassy at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time with all the documents mentioned in the previous steps.
    • Luxembourg Embassy in Thailand is located at:
    • Kian Gwan House II, 17th Floor : No. 1 South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
    • Operating hours : 9:00 am – 2:30 pm (Monday-Friday)
  • 4. Luxembourg Visa Interview and Frequently Asked Questions : Usually, Schengen visa applications at processing centers on behalf of embassies do not involve interviews. However, as Luxembourg visa applications must be submitted directly to the embassy, officials may ask about travel plans and personal information. Common questions include :
    • Personal information such as job, children, marital status.
    • Purpose of travel.
    • Travel companions to Luxembourg.
    • Duration of stay.
    • Who is responsible for travel expenses.
    • Personal information of the traveler.
    • Reasons for wanting to travel to Luxembourg.
    • Flight and airline information.
    • Travel plans throughout the stay in Luxembourg.
    • Evidence of returning to Thailand.

    In addition to confidently answering questions, your responses must match the information provided in the Luxembourg visa application form.

  • 5. Pay the Exact Luxembourg Visa Fee : The Luxembourg embassy requires applicants to pay the exact visa fee, which can be paid in cash or by credit card (Visa/ Master Card/ American Express) :
      Luxembourg visa fees are as follows :
    • Adults : 2,200 THB
    • Children aged 6-11 years : 1,300 THB
      Individuals exempt from paying Luxembourg visa fees include :
    • Children : under 6 years.
    • Students wishing : to study in Luxembourg and under 26 years.
    • Non-profit organization employees : or representatives under 26 years, traveling for meetings, seminars, sports, or studies.
    • Family members under 21 years : under the care of EU or Swiss citizens.
What to Do If Your Luxembourg Visa Is Denied?
  • 1. Re-Apply : You can reapply for a Luxembourg visa before your trip, allowing enough time as the embassy takes at least 15 working days to process the visa.
  • 2. Apply for Another Schengen Country : If your Luxembourg visa application is unsuccessful, and you still wish to visit Luxembourg, you can apply for a Schengen visa from a neighboring country such as France, Germany, or Belgium. Once you have a Schengen visa, you can freely travel to other Schengen countries (but the first country entered must be the one where the visa was issued).
Frequently Asked Questions for Luxembourg Visa Preparation

Luxembourg, a small land rich in history and natural beauty, surrounded by ease of travel in greater Europe. Let's address some frequently asked questions to prepare for a 100% successful Luxembourg visa application :

  • 1. Can I use the Luxembourg Schengen visa to enter other Schengen countries?
  • 2. How many types of Luxembourg Schengen visas are there?
  • 3. How long does it take to get a Luxembourg Schengen visa?
Let's unravel the answers :
  • Answer 1 : Yes, if you have a Luxembourg Schengen visa, you can travel between 26 European Union countries without applying for additional visas.
  • Answer 2 : There are 2 main types of Luxembourg Schengen visas:
    • 1. Luxembourg Single Entry Schengen Visa
    • 2. Luxembourg Multiple Entry Schengen Visa
    • The single-entry visa allows one trip to Europe, while the multiple-entry visa allows multiple trips within a specified period.
  • Answer 3 : The Luxembourg Schengen visa process takes about 7-15 working days, which is faster than other general visas and convenient for traveling in Europe.
      Factors Contributing to Luxembourg Visa Rejection:
    • 1. False information in the visa application form and documents.
    • 2. Incomplete documents.
    • 3. Late arrival for the embassy interview.
    • 4. Expired passport.
    • 5. Financial evidence showing instability (Financially unstable).

Luxembourg - A World Heritage Travel Destination Along the Moselle River

Just by touring the capital city of Luxembourg, you can travel back to the glory of the Middle Ages through UNESCO's valuable cultural heritage.

Moreover, it has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants per square kilometer in the world! An excellent destination for both sightseeing and indulging in special menus.

With visa assistance from our experts, a trip to Luxembourg is just at your fingertips!

Let's plan a special trip to this beautiful land.

Easy Travel Visa with EThaiVisa

Dreaming of traveling abroad? Let EThaiVisa handle the complexities of visa application for you. Fast and reliable service!

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In the case of applying for a visit visa Additional documents

The documents required by the inviter for a visitor visa may vary according to the visa issuing country. but generally may include :

  • 1. Invitation Letter Letter written by the inviter This is usually required to include details about the visit. This includes the purpose of the visit, the relationship with the invitee, the length of the visit, and details of the stay (such as accommodation address).
  • 2. Financial evidence : may be income, Income statement (payslips), or bank confirmation letter To show that the inviter has sufficient financial capacity to support the visit.
  • 3. Copies of the inviter's personal documents : such as copies of their passports, ID cards, or documents showing residence status in the visa-issuing country (e.g. visas, work permits, permanent residence cards).
  • 4. Proof of work or education : In some cases, invitees may be required to provide proof of work or education in their country of residence.
  • 5. Proof of residence : such as a home rental contract, proof of home ownership, or utility bills.
  • 6. Travel Insurance : In some cases, proof of travel insurance covering the duration of the visit may be required.
  • 7. Certificate from work : If the inviter is an employee or has his or her own business.
  • 8. Passport size photograph : Sometimes this may be required for invitation documents.
  • 9. Questionnaire : (Only in some Contries)

** Please note that required documents may vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on embassy requirements.
or the consulate where the visa application is made It is recommended to check information from reliable sources
or consult ETHAIVISA for accurate and definitive advice. **

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