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EThaivisa provides services for processing Germany tourist visas, Germany business visas, Germany visitor visas, and Germany travel visas. We are ready to provide advice and services with sincerity. There is no need to spend time doing it yourself, no need to go through the hassle of finding information and preparing documents on your own. We are ready to take care of every step for you, from the beginning of the visa application process until you receive your visa. With a professional team that has more than 10 years of experience, you can be confident! You will receive your visa and excellent service from us.

ETHAIVISA Tourist visa application fee


฿1,990 Baht

  • ✅ Free Form filling
    ✅ Free Organize / verify documents
    ✅ Free Schedule for interview date
    ✅ Free Introduction Interview Q&A
    ✅ Free Visa outcome follow-up


฿4,490 Baht

  • ✅ Free Visa Consultation
    ✅ Free Form filling
    ✅ Free Organize / verify documents
    ✅ Free Schedule for interview date
    ✅ Free Introduction Interview Q&A
    ✅ Free Visa outcome follow-up
    ✅ Free Photo for Visa
    ✅ Free Flight booking for interview
    ✅ Free Hotel reservation for interview
    ✅ Free Document verification
    ✅ Free Visa mailing
    ✅ Free 4 Documents translation

Hot Premium

฿6,900 Baht

  • ✅ Free Visa Consultation
    ✅ Free Form filling
    ✅ Free Organize / verify documents
    ✅ Free Schedule for interview date
    ✅ Free Introduction Interview Q&A
    ✅ Free Visa outcome follow-up
    ✅ Free Photo for Visa
    ✅ Free Flight booking for interview
    ✅ Free Hotel reservation for interview
    ✅ Free Document verification
    ✅ Free Visa mailing
    ⭐ Free Introduce Letter
    ⭐ Free Documents translation
    ⭐ Free Analyze the case work exclusively
    ⭐ Free Visa interview preparation course
    ⭐ Free There are officers available to assist
        and provide services throughout the
        document submission and interview day.

❌ This package not include : Embassy fee & Travel Insurance ❌

Visa Germany

Germany - A Land of History, Nature, and Enchanting Culture

Germany is a country replete with charm and mystique, boasting a rich tapestry of historical and cultural heritage seamlessly blended with breathtaking natural landscapes. From dense forests, magnificent castles, meandering streets, delightful cuisine, to its unique cities, Germany invites a journey of captivating experiences.

Discover the wonders of Germany through EThaiVisa's visa services. Here's a highlight of Germany's attractions:


Address Embassy of Germany, Bangkok : 9 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120 Open in google maps
Tel. +66 (0)2 287 9000
Fax. +66 (0) 2285 62 32
E-mail. https://bangkok.diplo.de/th-th/botschaft/kontakt-formular
Business Hours Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Collection -
German Visa - Key to the Land of Wonders

Germany, a country blending modernity, natural beauty, and a rich cultural heritage, attracts numerous tourists each year. A crucial key to this experience is ensuring your visa application is prepared and processed before your journey.

EThaiVisa provides detailed steps, necessary documents, and guidance from start to finish for a stress-free experience of the wonders of Germany.

Germany: A Country of Historical Heritage and Convenient Visa Services from Ethaivisa

Germany, home to the iconic and historical Berlin Wall, offers unique experiences from the Gothic architecture of Frankfurt, the artistic and cultural hub of Munich, to the stunning landscapes of the Black Forest and Lake Titisee.

For Thai tourists planning a trip of up to 90 days and not holding a Schengen nationality, a German visa is required. Ethaivisa makes the German tourist visa application process easy and convenient, ensuring your right to travel freely within the Schengen countries, with Germany as your first destination.

Experience the joy and convenience of traveling to Germany with Ethaivisa, making your journey easy and memorable.

Types of German Visas

There are several types of German visas, or Schengen visas, for short stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. These include tourist visas, business visas, visas for visiting friends or relatives, visas for visiting registered spouses, and visas for family members in the EU and EEA.

Additionally, German visas can be categorized into three main types based on their usage:

1. Single Entry Visa
(allows one-time entry)
2. Double Entry Visa
(allows two entries)
3. Multiple Entry Visa
(allows unlimited entries within the visa validity)

Steps for Applying for a German Visa and Checking Its Status

Applying for a German visa through Ethaivisa offers a convenient and accessible way for those wishing to visit Germany. The process, similar to other Schengen visa applications, is streamlined and time-efficient with Ethaivisa.

Start with an online visa application, where travelers can easily schedule appointments or queue bookings for document submission. Ethaivisa serves as a bridge between visa applicants and the designated visa application centers appointed by the German Embassy. In Thailand, VFS GLOBAL handles German visa applications.

With Ethaivisa, the process of applying for a German visa becomes hassle-free, helping you prepare confidently and smoothly for your trip to Germany.

Steps for Applying for a German Visa :

1. Schedule an appointment
to submit visa documents and capture biometric data. Book a queue online at VFS Global Services
2. Fill out the German visa application form
through the e-application VIDEX system on the German Embassy's website, or directly at VIDEX
3. On the appointment day
bring the necessary documents and the completed form to the VFS application center located at Chamchuri Square, 4th Floor, Phayathai Road, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District.
4. Pay the visa fee
approximately 80 EUR (around 3,000 THB) for adults; 40 EUR (around 1,500 THB) for children aged 6-11. The fee may vary based on the current exchange rate.
5. Check the visa status
Updates are sent via email by the German Embassy and can be checked online at VFS Global

List of Documents for German Visa Application:
  • 1. Passport : and its photocopies.
  • 2. Completed German visa application form.
  • 3. Financial proof : (Bank Guarantee and Bank Statement).
  • 4. Employment proof for employees
  • 5. Travel insurance : covering at least 30,000 euros.
  • 6. Travel itinerary : and details.
  • 7. Passport-sized photos.
  • 8. Additional forms : related to data protection and legal acknowledgments.
  • 9. Other relevant documents : based on individual circumstances.

Costs vary depending on services chosen, generally starting in the low thousands (THB).

Germany: A Country of Cultural Heritage and Visa Assistance from Ethaivisa

Germany is renowned for its unique cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage, with each city offering distinct experiences. Whether it's the musical stories of Leipzig or the beautiful coastal views and Jasmund National Park in Rügen, Germany is a blend of history and natural beauty.

For those planning to visit Germany and seeking visa assistance, ethaivisa offers reliable visa application services. With over 15 years of experience, ethaivisa provides consultation and assistance throughout the German or Schengen visa application process for any Schengen member country, ensuring a worry-free travel planning experience.

In the case of applying for a visit visa Additional documents

The documents required by the inviter for a visitor visa may vary according to the visa issuing country. but generally may include :

  • 1. Invitation Letter Letter written by the inviter This is usually required to include details about the visit. This includes the purpose of the visit, the relationship with the invitee, the length of the visit, and details of the stay (such as accommodation address).
  • 2. Financial evidence : may be income, Income statement (payslips), or bank confirmation letter To show that the inviter has sufficient financial capacity to support the visit.
  • 3. Copies of the inviter's personal documents : such as copies of their passports, ID cards, or documents showing residence status in the visa-issuing country (e.g. visas, work permits, permanent residence cards).
  • 4. Proof of work or education : In some cases, invitees may be required to provide proof of work or education in their country of residence.
  • 5. Proof of residence : such as a home rental contract, proof of home ownership, or utility bills.
  • 6. Travel Insurance : In some cases, proof of travel insurance covering the duration of the visit may be required.
  • 7. Certificate from work : If the inviter is an employee or has his or her own business.
  • 8. Passport size photograph : Sometimes this may be required for invitation documents.
  • 9. Questionnaire : (Only in some Contries)

** Please note that required documents may vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on embassy requirements.
or the consulate where the visa application is made It is recommended to check information from reliable sources
or consult ETHAIVISA for accurate and definitive advice. **

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